Picture Day Expectations

  1. Shooting on location is our specialty. Banners and direction signs are placed in key areas to direct parents and players to the photography area.
  2. Display boards showing the many unique products we offer will be setup at all shoots.
  3. All cashiers are fully trained to answer questions about order forms and products.
  4. Our professionally trained staff takes great care posing and polishing the look for the highest quality pictures.
  5. Photography coordinators are present to organize teams, maintain the shoot schedule and help coaches and team moms with logistics.
  6. Our barcoding system is used to identify and sort your order by player, team, coach and age group. This unique system enables individuals to be photographed at any time during the shoot while ensuring correct identification of all players and teams.

Picture Day Planning

A successful Picture Day starts with choosing the best day to get coach, team mom and parental support. The key to a successful Picture Day is communication in order to make it a stress free day with maximum participation.

Tips for choosing a great Picture Day:

  1. Choose a day other than a game day.
  2. Avoid holidays as well as popular sporting event playoff days.
  3. Make sure uniforms have been delivered for coaches and players.

Tips for communicating Picture Day details to your league:

  1. Post the picture day schedule and order forms on your website, concession stand and send via email to the coaches and team moms.
  2. Distribute the order forms to coaches and team moms 1-2 weeks before picture day. Distributing earlier may result in lost forms; distributing later may result in them being overlooked.
  3. Coaches should decide in advance which color of uniform, socks and shoes will be worn for the group photograph.
  4. Instruct coaches and team moms to have their teams on location 10-15 minutes early.
  5. Ask parents to have their forms filled out and ready for the cashier(s).
  6. Let parents know that individual pictures can be taken after checking in with the cashier and they receive a barcode. Players will only need to assemble with the team for the group photograph.