Tired of selling candy and wrapping paper? Earn thousands of dollars for your league by selling a sports book! Producing a sports book offers a unique opportunity for the league and community. Not only do you earn proceeds from the sale of ads but your sponsors have the potential of reaching hundreds of customers. Some of the primary advantages of working with Peachtree on your sports book are as follows:

  • Extremely competitive pricing because we produce everything in house.
  • Print on demand with a digital workflow that does not require additional setup which decreases your cost.
  • You do not pay for anything up front. You are invoiced upon delivery.
  • Zero commitment of quantity until final approval of the sports book. This means you have the entire season to sell books and only commit to purchase what you have actually sold. No unneeded leftover books!
  • There is no minimum quantity of additional books should you have late orders.
  • You dictate when you receive your books. Once a date is given, we back track 5 weeks for production.
  • We will include, free of charge, each student’s image and/or name on the cover of their sports book.
  • You get the ease of dealing with one company for both portraits and sports book!

Standard services offered with Peachtree Portraits:

  • Design of your complete sports book for only $250!
  • Action photography coverage if you would like us to photograph your players.
  • Yearbook liaison available during work hours to help you and answer any and all questions.
  • Marketing materials and order forms to distribute to your players if needed.
  • Online purchasing both in advance and after delivery of the sports book.
  • Ability for families and sponsors to create ads and page dedications online from the comfort of their home.
  • Online gallery for families and sponsors to pay for their ads and page dedications.

You can design your own sports book if you want to:

  • Automatic photo arrangement so you do not have to manually place photos. If we photograph your players, we will flow the pages for you!
  • Desktop (PC & Mac) and web based versions of our software so you can work on the sports book from anywhere if you want to design it yourself.
  • Print requirements embedded in our software so you do not have to format your own pages.
  • Approximately 200 standard cover templates.
  • Ability to create custom templates to reuse as needed.
  • Year in Review available at an additional charge.
  • Leather covers with foil stamping of the league name and date available at an additional charge.

Sports Book Options

Cover Options:

  • Hard Cover
    • Photo/Graphic
      • Glossy
      • Satin
    • Leatherette
      • Flat Foil
      • Emboss
      • Deboss
  • Soft Cover
    • Perfect Bound (Up to 100 Pages)
    • Saddle Stitch (Up to 36 Pages)

Additional Options:

  • Full Color
  • Black & White
  • Free Personalization
  • Year In Review
  • Variety of Endsheets