Thank you so much for your help. You did make my life much easier. I really appreciate your customer service!
Have a great day.
Kelli Haugen

Wow, you have amazing customer service. Rarely, now a days, do you run across a company that provides the service that you have. I can’t believe that within 3 days of me emailing to tell you of my issues, you have completely solved them in addition to providing additional materials delivered to my home! If I can ever be of service to your company by providing a customer reference, you are welcome to use my name. I can only hope that Collins Hill Athletics Association continues to use your company to provide our team photos.
Thank you again,

Betsy Cummins

I got the pictures and I just wanted to say “THANK YOU”. You went above and beyond your job to help me out and I am greatly appreciative. It’s people like you in today’s society that make the world a better place.
Thank you again!!!

Kelly Polidore

Wow! That is so incredibly nice of you. Thank you for going to all that trouble for us. I can’t tell you how many of your company’s pictures adorn my refrigerator — I have 5 children and they have all been playing sports for Mill Creek, and you guys have always done a first class job. And now this? That is superb customer service. I always buy one of the really nice packages you offer, and our family and friends have always been amazed at the quality of pictures I send them.
Thank you again — I can’t wait to get our package!!

Thank you sooooo much. I received my requested pictures today. I truly believe you folks walk on water!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks again,
Debbie Simmons, White County Middle School

WOW, I am impressed with the quick response!!!! Thank you for all your assistance it is nice to have a company that cares. I give you guys an A+ on customer service.
Thank you
Tammy Yancey

We would like to use your company again; it is the first time in a long time that I have received zero complaints about pictures! I have really enjoyed working with you this season; I’m so glad I saw you at the GRPA conference!! Your company has been 100% reliable. I look forward to working with you again and again!

Thanks so much!
Jennifer Rackley, Chamblee Parks & Recreation

I was happy to see you at the Team Mom meeting the other night. I’ve been involved in youth sports for a very long time at Collins Hill Park. I’ve seen many different photographers coming and going in baseball, softball, and basketball. I think Peachtree Imaging is coming for the 2nd or 3rd season for softball–how wonderful! Your photo shoots run unbelievably smoothly. The packages are reasonably priced and you offer many photographic selections. Finally, the customer service after placing and receiving orders can not be beat.
After all these years in youth sports (oldest child is 22 but the youngest, at 8, is still going strong) I can say that no one can hold a candle to Peachtree Imaging!


You have that “Texas state of mind” which means you have the “whatever it takes attitude” and you get right down to business and make things happen with rapid speed. Being a native Texan, I really respect those great character aspects in other people-companies, like yourself and Peachtree Imaging.

Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate you working with me. I told my husband this is one of the nicest experiences I have ever had with a customer service type situation. Thank you again.

Cecilia Estep