How Your Picture Day Will Run

Players and parents will receive flyers before Picture Day telling them the date of the event.

Coaches and /or team moms will contact each team to let them know what time their team is scheduled, what color of uniform to wear (if applicable) and who will be on hand as team representative to organize players.

Banners and signs will be posted to make sure that the players get to the right place.

At all shoot locations there will be tables with pens, order forms and sample products. Tents will be available when necessary at outdoor shoots.

Order forms should be filled out before getting into line for the cashier. Each player or combination of players will need a separate order form. Parents can pay for all orders at one time with check, credit/debit cards, cash or money order. We are able to give change if needed. Pay for multiple packages with one payment! Sibling pictures are no problem!

Each order form submitted will receive a unique identification barcode. This barcode matches one placed on a camera card given to each player for their individual photographs. It is important that each player keeps their own camera card or mistakes will be made when matching the player to their information.

Take your camera card to any individual camera to have your portrait taken.
The card is scanned and kept by the photographer. Group pictures will be taken either before or after individual photographs, see your coach or team mom.

Please do not stand behind the photographer in any circumstance. We try to get each child’s attention and distractions with coaches and parents behind the photographer increase the time it takes to get a good photo drastically.

Usually packages are delivered to the coaches to distribute to the players and/or parents.