Why should you choose Peachtree, you ask?

The key to this program is that there is no cost to the department and no mandatory minimum purchase for our standard Legacy Album Program and you get all of the benefits listed below!

Sign up for the Legacy Album Program to:

  • Honor your fallen members
  • Build morale and camaraderie among your members
  • Document your history to pass down through generations
  • Make members feel appreciated and part of a team serving together
  • Highlight community involvement
  • Create lasting memories of the people you serve with
  • Document awards & recognition for the department and its members
  • Generate a great administrative tool to help recognize your members

Plus, you will receive a digital copyright released image of all members photographed making this program a great no cost way to update your current member photos.

We will send a photographer and salesperson to your department for a specific number of days based on the number of members you have in your organization. While we are there, our team works closely with each member to ensure a pleasant experience for everyone and that every member is photographed during their shift!

Following the photography shoot, we ship all photo orders directly to your members supplied addresses so the department does not have to distribute packages.

For the assigned coordinator, our goal is to minimize the amount of work you have to dedicate to the project. Your primary goal is to collect content to be used in the design process of your legacy album. Once you have submitted the desired content to us, we will design a custom hardcover Legacy Album that is uniquely designed specifically for your department. The Legacy Album Program can move as quickly as 5 months for departments who turn in their content while we are photographing their members.

Please keep in mind that we offer a “turn-key” experience. Unlike most other yearbook publishers, your entire project will be handled in-house with our trained & talented sales representatives, customer service representatives, photographers, designers, color specialists and book publishing specialists. We pride ourselves in handling each account from start to finish without having to outsource elements of our process. This ensures that our quality, service and price will beat all expectations.

If you are interested in offering this program to your members, contact our sales team and reserve a spot on our calendars for your member photography sessions. Call Today! (888) 462-7898

Department Requirements:

  • Provide adequate space for photography of your members. 20’ x 20’ and minimum ceiling height of 8’
  • Promote the event to your department by distributing the promotional materials we provide for you
  • Gather and digitally submit all miscellaneous content you’d like to use in the design of your Legacy Album

*Please note: qualified agencies would be any agency containing a minimum of 150 members. We do have additional programs available for smaller agencies. Contact our sales team for details at (888) 462-7898.