A good night’s sleep is the #1 thing you can do for a great portrait. This will minimize dark circles and keep you upbeat for posing. Make sure to get plenty of rest.

10 Tips for a Great Picture Day

  • Advise children to follow the photographer’s directions.
  • Have children wear clean and pressed clothes with dark, solid colors for best results; no fluorescent colors.
  • Check all clothing for tears, missing buttons, wrinkled collars, and other damage.
  • Do not send colored snacks or drinks to school to avoid colored mouths or faces.
  • Haircuts should be made no sooner than 1-2 weeks prior to picture day to look natural.
  • Minimize jewelry and avoid clashing styles and colors.
  • Avoid sunbathing while wearing oversized sunglasses and baseball hats prior to picture day to avoid skin-tone discrepancies.
  • Make sure to complete your outfit head to toe if full-length class photos are being taken.
  • Remember, because hairstyles are unique to each child, we cannot restyle your child’s hair.
  • Our photographers do their best to avoid glass glare, however, in many cases it is unavoidable. If you’re concerned about glass glare, consider purchasing our retouching option.